My Baby is 2…How and When Did That Happen?!

Okay, okay we all know how kids get to be as old as they are…they have Birthdays with each passing year!  But, I can still remember the day that my little man was born and the doctor sent me home to take care of this…”baby.”  When I stop to think about it, it really does seem like he was born yesterday. But, then I think about all of the time that has actually passed, milestones that he’s reached and how he was all of a sudden a little boy and no longer a baby. Like any mother, his birthday is definitely something that I look forward to celebrating. Not to mention that planning celebrations are a way of life around this house.

So, when I wanted to do a racing theme all I could find both online and in print magazines were decorations for the Disney movie Cars.  For some reason, I wanted to different than that (probably since you can find that theme in any kid’s birthday magazine you open).  And I didn’t want to do a Nascar theme.  That just strikes me as being too “old” for a toddler’s party.  After a couple weeks of strolling into and out of party stores (empty-handed)  I came across some decorations for an “Over the Hill Party.”  The black and white checkered decorations, including cupcake flags were unmarked (no specific birthday depiction).  Long story short, here are some pictures of how I turned “Over the Hill” into a toddler’s celebration.  Hope you enjoy!

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